Membership (for local residents only)

The Singapore Kite Association welcomes all for membership. Annual subscription is Singapore $10.00 for local members. This includes postage of the Association's Newsletter. Membership application forms are available from any office bearer.

The first year's subscription includes a SKA badge measuring 29mm diameter.

skabadge.gif (77553 bytes)

Under our rather onerous Rules & Regulations (we did not invent them), "Members who fail to pay their dues for six months shall automatically  cease to be members. The Association will however endeavor to contact and remind such members and issue a reminder in the fifth month of lapse of payment."  Of course we don't apply this strictly!

As at July 1999, we have approximately 50 members, most of them build and fly oriental kites, using both traditional and modern materials. When we have well-publicised festivals, many more flyers appear on the scene! Our wau section, also our stunt kite section are now weak and we would welcome anyone  who would be able to recreate interest. Members fly in two locations -- at Marina South,close to the Central Business District, and at Pasir Ris Park in the northeast.  A flying day with trophies, or a festival, is held once per year in February, towards the end of the Northeast monsoon.