Where do SKA members fly their kites ?

Sengkang East Way / Sengkang East Rd vacant field
next to CHENG LIM (SW 1) LRT


Where else ?

1. West Coat Park CP3

2. Vacant field between Punggol Field and TPE


Where to buys kites in Singapore ?

Readily available at all heartland stores.


How can I contact SKA ?

Our primary contact is via email. For enquiries email:

-replace[at] with the "@" symbol


Where to buy materials to make kites ?

Try a craft & hobby store : Spotlight

or contact SKA.


Can SKA conduct kite workshops ?

Yes, SKA can tailor kite workshops to dovetail
into your requirements. We have conducted workshops for groups
ranging from 10 to 600 pax. Email us.


Does SKA fly luminous kites ?

Kites are tethered flying objects. It has come to our attention that
a local company is marketing remote control flying crafts (fitted with
flashing LED lights) with the word "kite" in their product.
These objects are NOT "kites"
Conversely, if you see a flying toilet seat tethered on a line, this
flying seat is a kite.


Will SKA give FREE talks on kites ?

Unfortunately unable to accommodate at present moment.